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Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China

    The Trade Development Bureau (TDB), is a trade promotion institution subordinate to the Ministry of Commerce, the People’s Republic of China. It aims at implementing full-round trade promotion activities through various channels at different levels by the comprehensive implementation of relevant policies, rules and regulations of the government. It provides various services such as information, consultation, fairs and exhibitions trainings, marketing assistance, enterprise coaching, credit investigation and etc. to assist the Chinese enterprises, especially the SMEs to develop the international market and promote the Chinese enterprises to do exchanges and cooperation with the other countries’ companies.
    1、Providing the relative services to develop the international market for Chinese enterprises, promoting the Chinese and foreign enterprises' two-way exchanges and cooperation, expanding Chinese products’ well-knownness and share in international market.
    2、Undertaking the central government foreign trade development fund projects’ organization and comments as well as the concrete implementation work of the economic and trade sustentation funds for Chinese and Middle-east European entrepreneur; Carrying out the cooperation and the exchange with the foreign trade promotion organizations and the related organizations; The relation "China invests the development trade promotion center". Contacting Chinese Centre for Promotion of Investment Development and Trade.
    3、Printing and providing " IMPORT AND EXPORT QUALIFICATIONS CERTIFICATE "; Organizing the implement of part goods importing operation qualification improvement.
    4、Supporting the internationalization of the Chinese companies and products and facilitating mutual exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises.
    5、Providing the enterprises with the information consulting and services on trading environment and public import and export information and consulting services.
    6、Responsible for the daily operation of "China Trade Guide” and providing the information materials to the enterprises.
    7、Establishing and maintaining foreign trade enterprise credit system and tge database of permanent representatives of China abroad; Providing the enterprises with foreign partners’ credit investigation.
    8、Committing specific research designated by the Ministry of Commerce on a certain commodity or market, and providing information and suggestions for proper decision-making for the development of China’s foreign trade.
    9、Organizing official trade promotion activities by the name of Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China. Organizing the non-commercial oversea fairs, undertaking the related trade fairs and business conferences which jointly sponsored by the local governments; organizing import and export related trainings and the seminars.
    10、Committing other items designated by MOFCOM.