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MOFCOM Press Release on Anti-monopoly in 2011
Date: 2011-12-31    Source:Ministry of Commerce Website

Ministry of Commerce made a press release specific on anti-monopoly in 2011 on December 27. Shang Ming, Director of MOFCOM Anti-monopoly Bureau and Anti-monopoly Committee of the State Council gave a briefing on anti-monopoly and answered questions from reporters.

According to Mr. Shang, MOFCOM promulgated Interim Provisions on the Assessment of Competitive Effects of Concentrations of Undertakings, which stipulated the factors and criteria of MOFCOM assessing competitive effects of concentrations of undertakings, and subdivided the regulations of Article 27 and Article 28 of the Anti-monopoly Law. It aims to facilitate implementation and increase transparency of the review of the concentration by MOFCOM, and further standardize MOFCOM’s review of the concentration.

The latest statistics: from January to mid-December of 2011, MOFCOM has received 194 cases of anti-monopoly application, which is a significant increase of 43%. Application cases put on file were 179, up by 52%; cases closed were 160, an increase of 40%. Of cases settled, 151 was approved with no conditions attached, accounting for 94%, that approved with conditions attached accounted for 3%, and that withdrawn after putting on file was five, making up of 3%.

Compared with that of 2010, number of cases in 2011 in industries of manufacture, transportation and communications, warehousing and postal service increased, number of cases in mining, wholesale and retailing decreased, and number of cases in other industries was unchanged.