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  • Jiangxi Latticebright Corporation is a Hi-tech enterprise established by a professional team including Ph. Ds from United States, specializing in high-power LED packaging. We have world-class high-power LED ceramic packaging technologies including ceramic eutectic bonding, electrostatic spraying and advanced optics lens, solving the problems of thermal conduction, phosphor coating and secondary distribution of light, achieving the high-efficacy packaging of high-power LED chips.LatticeBright has developed all series power LED packaging products, introducing GaN-on-silicon vertical LED chips and LED flip-chips, and combining with advanced ceramic packaging technology. All series have gone through the aging test standards of United States and Europe, with the advantages of low light decay, high luminance, high thermal conductivity, high reliability, and high cost performance. Our products have wide applications in street lighting, tunnel lighting, car head lighting, Flash LED lighting and High-end lighting.

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