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  • GuangzhouKeYangdeclarationKeYang Guangzhou customs broker dealer agent in Southern China area. A customs agent, professional agent all kinds of goods (Whampoa , Wu Chong, pier, Gary wharf, set division, Dongjiang wharf, long warehouse, Nansha customs service). Our company provide all relevant formalities. Our company clearance fast, high efficiency, high prestige, high service, safe and quick. The company was founded more than 12 years based on customs agents the most professional of Southern China area. We will serve sincerely look forward to cooperation with your company!A customs declaration services: 1, KeYang , with the help of the company in Whampoa , Nansha port and the unit of good relations of cooperation, mainly provides groceries, bulk cargo and cargo package single package check package clearance customs clearance services. Such goods declaration has the advantages of simple procedure, safety of goods, customs clearance time is short. 2, for more and more market goods without documents, our company provide common goods including paper and customs clearance agent. Our company will provide the export customs declaration, the customs declaration agency Division I single. The customs agency business 3, factory, provide documents.Two, Trailer service: Trailer transport services: Division I drag have a fleet of 25 stations, 15 stations linked can supply 40 units, mainly to provide the old port of Whampoa , Nansha and Xingang Trailer service. The trailer, after several years of operation and has formed a complete and perfect operation system. The trailer Department professionals to provide service 24 hours a day, set up a smooth operator communication between colleagues freight forwarders and driver, the owner. Can also provide a variety of tons of car service, convenient bulk cargo transport.Three, storage: The company has its own warehouse: bright and spacious, clean and tidy, personal care, price concessions (address: Zhongshan Road East Whampoa  road Guangzhou City Tangkou district and club next crossing into one kilometer Yuetong warehouse) Warehousing services: disadvantages in view of terminal packing costs high, procedures, time is slow, especially in Whampoa  port surrounding rental large mechanized warehouse, and have their own handling team, to provide all customers for warehousing, Jincang bulk loading and other To provide professional, economic, safe, efficient, honest, and thoughtful service wholeheartedly for the general customer, in order to support you as in the past.

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